1. IMPORTANT: Torrent invite is the oldest bittorrent invite forum still alive on the web. Before registering please let it be known, Traders, sellers, ratio cheaters are NOT welcome here.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I only see the Welcome Area and not the rest of the forum?

You are "beginner class" and need to create a successful introduction be promoted to amateur class before you can access the entire forum.

Why do I need to create an introduction?

There are a number of reasons you need to create a introduction.
1) We only want members here who are going to be active and we believe members who take time to complete an introduction are more likely to use the forum.
2) The introduction is a way to tell the community about yourself and also helps us determine your bittorrent experience.
3) As you become more active in the forums and giveaways you will be asked to post certain information. Completing the introductions prepares members for such requests.

What information do i need to create an introduction?

It is mostly just background information about you and your experience in the BitTorrent world. You need to tell us about yourself so we can get to know you as a community. You will be required post an image of your BitTorrent client's stats and a speedtest. If you are completing an expert intro you will need to post ratio proofs of trackers you're a member of.

Why are there 2 different Intros: Noob and Expert?

Members can complete the introduction that best fits their experience/ability in the private BitTorrent world. A member with little experience and few private torrent sites will complete the noob introduction. More experienced members may complete the expert introduction

What is a BitTorrent Client?

A BitTorrent (BT) client is the software you use download content using the BitTorrent protocol. The most popular clients are utorrent and Vuse.

How do I create an image of my BitTorrent client's statistics?

We have a tutorial that anyone can access here which gives detailed instructions on creating an image of your stats for either utorrent or Vuse.
The tutorial shows how to upload them to your TorrentInvite profile. If you need help with a different client, feel free to ask Staff members for help!

How do I post a speedtest?

A speed test must be obtained from http://speedtest.net. After selecting your location you will be presented with an image of your available speeds which can be posted in the forums. A more in-depth tutorial can be accessed her.

What are Ratio Proofs and Profile Links and how do I create them?

These are 2 different ways members can prove they are on certain private trackers and also to prove they can keep a good ratio.
A profile link is a direct link to your profile on a tracker - should only be given/shown privately
A ratio proof is a full page screen shot of the tracker showing your ratio. It is recommended to cover up your username, number of invites, and number of bonus points as these are shown publicly on the forums.
A full tutorial can be accessed her.

Can I change my username?

Those in the "Beginners" class can change their username upon joining the forum from their user control panel. No other userclasses can change their usernames without staff permission.

What are the different UserClasses and how are they obtained?

Torrentinvite UserClasses are as follows:
  • Administrative - Site Admin
  • Chief Staff - Super Moderators
  • Staff - Moderators
  • Elite - Highest user group possible at TI
  • VIP - Access all areas
  • Rep - Tracker Representative - Can recruit for their tracker
  • Seedbox Rep - Can advertise seedboxes in forums and give away via raffle system
  • Premier - Highest rank obtainable without application - access to all invite sections
  • Expert - Same as senior and, access Expert Room
  • Senior - Same as pro and, access private Seniors Club
  • Pro - Access to global and amateur invite sections
  • Amateur - Access amateur invite section
  • Beginner - New member access welcome area only

How to obtain UserClasses:

  • Elite - Dont ask us we ask you
  • VIP - Via paid upgrade or donation
  • Rep - Tracker Representative - ask staff
  • Seedbox Rep - Ask staff
  • Premier - Registered 365 days, 1000 posts, 100 Positive ratings
  • Expert - 100 days registered, 500 posts 70 positive ratings
  • Senior - 60 days registered 250 posts 30 positive ratings
  • Pro - Completion of Expert Intro OR 15 days Registered, 15 posts and 10 positive ratings
  • Amateur - Completion of noob Introduction
  • Beginner - Register to site

Why do see members of high usergroups with less posts and no Positive ratings?

The promotion system has been revamped for TorrentInvite v2 and the ratings are new. Members have kept their class from v1 which had a different system. Also there are those who donated/paid for upgrades.

How do I earn and give Positive Ratings?

Positive ratings can be given for numerous things within different forums by clicking on the appropriate icon under a user's post. The most common rating is the like button [​IMG] .

You can earn Positive ratings when members like your posts, you complete a successful giveaway or you take good care of an account given obtained via invite.

What are negative ratings and when should I give them?

There are 2 negative ratings members can give. You can dislike a post if you find it offensive or you can give negative ratings if you invite someone and they have misused the invite in any way or have been disabled due to inactivity.

What is the Amateur Giveaway section?

The amateur is the entry level giveaway section and is for the easily obtained invites. This does not mean the trackers in this section are rubbish. It just means the invites are easily to get and members are more likely to give out these invites.

What is the Global Giveaway section?

The global giveaway section is for Pro user class and above and any invite can be given away in this section.

What invites can be given in the Amateur section?

The following trackers can be given In the Amateur section

xtremezone , hd-bits.ro , e-book vortex , wunza , myanonamouse , comicBT , animebites , supertorrents , underground gaming , digitalhive , brokenstones , PWN , HDME , bitspyder , docstorrents , sceneFZ , Libble , CzTeam , Sex , Midnight-scene, ShareReactor, Audionews, Audiozone, BitSpyder, BTGigs, BTNext, BWTorrents, Cheggit, DanishBits, DimeaDozen, Diwana, DVDSeed, Elbitz, EliteBits, ExtremeBits, FileBits, FileList.ro, FileMP3, FilmBits, FunFile, GFXNews.ru, LearnBits, PowerScene, PussyTorrents, SceneFZ, SceneTracker, SoftTorrents, SoundDamage, TheSharingZone, TorrentBits.ro, TorrentBytes, TorrentZilla, TranceBooster, TVJunkies, TV.Torrents.ro, UKNova, VIPv2, XtremeZone, XW Torrents, Libble , cinematik , filelist.ro , speed-CD , Gazellegames.net , MusicEye, Rthor

Which invites can be given in the global section?

The following trackers can be given in the Global invite section:

All amateur invites from previous list +

Global only Invites

bitgamer , TL , IPT , RevTT , footy torrents (TSTN) , TVT.com , MP3scene , Tehconnection , BITHDTV , HDahoy , awesomeHD , proaudiotorrents , Iplay , TTI , E-thor , learnbits , PTM , LFM , Mp3scene , TorrentDamage , BT-ARG , Thevault.bz , MMA-tracker , cinemagedon , BitHQ , TheDVDclub , Trance Route , Loselessworld , Sindrella , arabfilms , TVTz.org , RMVbusters , SDbits , TorrentVault , Waffles, Bitme , BitmeTV , cartoon chaos , GFT , KG , HD-torrents , What-CD , Bibilotik , scienceHD , SCC , polish tracker , HD-Road , X264 , TTG , HDkorea , TCCF , Norbits , Tophos , Desitorrents , finbytes , Sparvar , LzTr , HD-Spain , Fuxor , Pixel-HD , FilePost , Linkomanjia , PTP, PTN , BTN , sceneHD , CHDbits , DB9 , Pedros , ncore , MusicVid , bithuman , HDchina , ITS , Exigo , TranceTraffic , TS-tracker , UTN.

Are there any trackers that cannot be given away at TorrentInvite?

Currently there are only 2 trackers that cannot be given away in the invite sections. These are FTN and FSC.
Although these cannot be give on the open forum, they can still be given by request or are usually given by becoming friends with a current member and gaining trust in the forum.

Any trackers my request their tracker is added to this list by contacting admin.

Why are Ratings in the giveaway section important and how are they used?

It's very important for members to use the ratings system within the giveaway forums.

[​IMG] used by the invite receiver. If a member gives you an invite you must click this invite successfully given icon. This helps track how many invites the member has given away and helps towards that users future promotions.

[​IMG] or [​IMG] used by Invite Giver. A member who gives an invite must check after 2 weeks to see if the invite is being used and rate accordingly.

[​IMG] Members not involved in the giveaway can use this rating to "like" the giveaway instead of posting comments like "nice giveaway" etc.

How can I check if a member is worthy of an invite?

The ratings system is designed to show if a member is active in the forum and in which areas.

The ratings bar shows the amount of positive ratings they have received as an whole.

You can view a members ratings in more detail by visiting their profile.

These ratings should only be used as a guide to determine whether or not an invite should be given.
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