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Torrent Tracker Review Blu Evo | Blu Evolution | 2013

Discussion in 'Tracker Reviews' started by Morpheus, Jul 11, 2013.


    Morpheus New Member

    Ratings Received:
    +2 / -0
    Tracker Name:
    Blu Evolution


    Tracker Category
    HD / Blu Ray

    Tracker Description:
    HD Movies HD TV and HD related Apps

    TI Invite Section:

    Banned Countries:

    Members Only

    Seeding Difficulty:


    Logo/ Banner




    Browse Page



    Uploading Rules:

    * Before you even consider uploading, using the search tool and making sure the content is not already on Blu-Evolution.

    - If it has been uploaded previously - help seed!
    - If you cannot seed it - don't upload it!
    - Make sure to choose the right category.
    - Each and every torrent should come with a poster
    - Only 2 External encodes of each movie are allowed... i-e 2 (720p) and 2 (1080p) External Encodes...

    Search before uploading any movie torrent, only upload it if there are less than 2 external encodes of that particular movie present on Blu-Evolution..
    Allowed content:


    - HDTV caps
    - BluRay (Encodes 720p,1080p and Remuxes)
    - Blu-Ray / BD50 and BD25
    - Web downloads (Web-dl - HDTV content only)
    - Only 720p, 1080i and 1080p standard resolutions are allowed.
    - Codecs: x264, h.264, vc1, mpeg2, ts (remuxes only)
    - Containers: mkv, mp4, and ts
    - EBOOKS - have to be HD related - guides for software etc.

    - XXX - All XXX releases must use this standard poster for uploads, in description the original poster info and screenshot must be added. Use and image host to display the poster.

    Music (lossless):

    - Flac
    Prohibited content:

    - WEB-DL content for MOVIES ONLY are not allowed
    - Any SD video
    - Any upscaled content
    - HD DVD ( other dvd format or upscale)
    - Web downloads (Web-dl Movies)
    - Any re-encodes of non-original sources
    - Any RAR-ed content NO EXCEPTIONS (except PS3, XBOX360 and PC RIP/ISO content)
    - No BDRIPs or BRRIPs are allowed here. (NO RIPS )
    - No xvid or avi
    - No ISO format for any movie files. ONLY 3D BD is allowed to be in ISO format
    - No movies allowed which names have been edited or group names have been removed.

    Video description:

    - The description must contain at least the following data (when in doubt, please use Mediainfo to confer...)
    - Name, Format, Runtime
    - Video: codec, bitrate, width, height, framerate
    - Audio: codec, bitrate, channels, language(s)
    - Subtitles
    - At least 2 full resolution .PNG screenshots are mandatory - They need to be added in the description via an image host and use the BBcode
    - The IMDB link field needs to be filled! you can search for an appropriate link at http://www.imdb.com/
    - If the torrent includes an .nfo file, upload it

    Audio description:

    - File Name: Artist - Album (Year) CODEC
    - Artist:
    - Album:
    - Released:
    - Genre:
    - Country: (Artist)
    - Duration: (hh:mm:ss)
    - Codec: FLAC/APE/DTS/ALAC (tracks + .cue) / (image + .cue) / (image) / (tracks)
    - Channels:
    - Bits per sample:
    - Sample Rate:
    - Average bitrate:
    - Compression Ratio:
    - Full Tracklisting:


    Only HD related apps!

    Torrent title naming convention:

    - Do not alter any file names. You may only change the torrent title! If you change the original file names your torrent will be deleted.
    - Movie title/year must be as on http://www.imdb.com/. TV/mini-series names must be as on http://www.tvrage.com/ or http://www.tv.com/
    - Use the original language for the movie title. Alternative titles may be added in the description.

    Names must not have any . , / ( etc. in between the words

    Movies: Example: The Terminator 2007 720p BluRay DTS x264-REFiNED

    TV series: Example: Cougar Town S01E12 1080p HDTV AC3 x264 - DIMENSION

    Music: Artist - Example: Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion 1991 FLAC

    Sporting Events: Example: LA Kings vs Anaheim Ducks 2010/02/08 - 720p HDTV ES

    *use this guide of what is needed:

    -Resolution/ Bitrate / Source / Framerate

    -Format / bitrate / channels


    - Only member to break some of these rules are BluEvo - it is the sites upload bot

    * The only language allowed is English.
    General Forum Guidelines:
    - Staff decisions are final. Arguing about our decisions is hazardous for your account.

    - At the Second Warning your account will be automatically disabled.
    - There is only one "official" language: English! No exceptions!

    - Posting external website links, or any kind of advertising is completely forbidden and you will be immediately banned if you don't follow this rule.

    - If you have a combined download total in excess of 20 GB and your ratio is below 0.8 you will receive two consecutive warnings. Failure to act upon
    the warnings and increase your ratio above 0.8 will get your account disabled.

    -If you don't login or make contact to the tracker for more then 90 days, you're account will be deleted.

    -If you dont use your account(download) within 60 days from last download your account will be removed from the system. We want active members not collectors.

    - Do not upload our torrents to public trackers!

    - Duplicate accounts are absolutely forbidden on this
    tracker! One person - one account, one IP address ONE account!

    - The shout box is not for requests! We have a special place for requests.

    - Use the latest Stable versions of Utorrent or Transmission otherwise do not complain about ratio problems.

    - Files with Child Exploitation are absolutely forbidden and those with relation to such material will be reported to "CyberTipline"!!

    * - Disruptive behavior in the forums will result in a warning ( ).

    - No aggressive behavior or flaming in the forums.
    - No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).
    - No language other than English in the forums.
    - No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function, instead of posting a double.
    - Please try to be respectful towards all fellow users.
    Torrent Comment Guidelines:

    - Always respect the uploader!
    - Please limit your torrent comments to the specific upload in question.
    - If you have no intentions of downloading, don't comment.
    - No language other than English in the Comments.
    - No aggressive behavior or flaming.
    - No links to warez or crack sites.
    Free Leech:

    - Gold Torrents

    The 100% icon means the torrent is 100% Free Leech option.
    Counts 0% of the Downloaded torrent size!

    - Platinum Torrents

    The 75% icon means the torrent is a Half Leech option.
    Counts 25% of the Downloaded torrent size!

    - Silver Torrents

    The 50% icon means the torrent is a Half Leech option.
    Counts only 50% of the Downloaded torrent size!

    - Bronze Torrents

    The 25% icon means the torrent is 25% Free Leech option.
    Counts only 75% of the Downloaded torrent size!
    Upload Multiplier:

    The upload multiplier speaks for it self. It multiplies the amount you upload on that torrent by the amount it says, which can be:

    If a torrent has been given a 2x upload multiplier and your client says it's uploading at 50KB/s, the tracker will count that as 100KB/s.

    Hit and Run Rules:

    -You need seed for 72 hours OR seed the torrent to a ratio of 1.1 on that torrent specific. ( Within 7 days )

    If you have any questions or believe you were warned without a good reason, please contact us through the helpdesk.

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    The Basics
    Golden Rules

    * Do not defy the expressed wishes of the staff.

    * Access to this website is a privilege, not a right, and it can be taken away from you for any reason.

    * Staff decisions are final.

    * One account per person per lifetime. Anyone creating additional accounts will be banned.

    * Avatars must not exceed 300kB or be vertically longer than 400px x 400px. Avatars must be safe for work, be entirely unoffensive and not contain any religious imagery.

    * Do not post our .torrent files on other sites. You will not get your account back.

    * Asking for invites to any site is not allowed anywhere on Blu-Evolution. Invites may be offered in the Invites forum, and nowhere else.

    * You're completely responsible for the people you invite. If your invitees are caught cheating or trading/selling invites, not only will they be banned, so will you. Be careful who you invite.

    * Be careful when sharing an IP or a computer with a friend if they have (or have had) an account. From then on your accounts will be inherently linked and if one of you violates the rules, both accounts will be disabled along with any other accounts linked by IP.

    * Attempting to find or exploit a bug in the site code is the worst possible offense you can commit. It will result in the banning of you, your inviter, and your inviter's entire invite tree.

    * We respect the wishes of other sites here, as we wish for them to do the same. Please refrain from posting links or full names of sites that want not to be mentioned.

    * Download a torrent completely. Meaning if the torrent is 6.2GB then your history needs to show (Downloaded 6.2GB) That means you have downloaded the .mkv, .nfo and the sample form the torrent. If you download only one or two your history download will show you didn't download the complete file and you will receive a WARNING from any staff

    User Classes

    - What: Can download and upload and Access the basic forums.
    - When: Just keep a ratio of 0.8 or higher and you'll be a member forever.

    Power User
    - What: In addition to Members you can make Requests.
    - When: You need to have 500GB uploaded and an overall ratio of 1.2 or higher.

    Elite User
    - What: Power User rights plus you gain access to the Invites section of the forums, view peer details on torrents and view the profile of other users.
    - When: You need to have 3TB uploaded and an overall ratio of 2.0 or higher.

    Extreme User
    - What: In addition to Elite User you gain access to the tracker stats.
    - When: You need to have 7TB uploaded and an overall ratio of 4.0 or higher.

    - What: Instant Extreme User access + a .gif next to your name!
    - When: This rank is given to donating members only.

    - What: Full Extreme User access and ability to edit torrents.
    - When: Upon Staff approval. You have to rank as Elite User in order to apply.
    - Uploaders must upload at least 2-3 torrents per week or be automatically demoted.
    - Have 100% site freelech (V.I.P and Internals get it too)

    Have 100% site freeleech

    Have site freeleech for the amount of days donated

    Torrent Celebrity
    Famous or important people in the torrent world, given at Staff discretion.

    GFX Team
    Helps with creating logos and icon sets for Blu-Evolution and has 100% site freeleech

    Other ranks:

    - Forum Moderator
    - Moderator
    - Administrator
    - Sys Ops


    Additional/ important points worth to be noted of:
    <State any important information>




    amaxx1 New Member

    Ratings Received:
    +1 / -0
    There is not enough seeders for hd contents in this tracker

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